For divided highways normally shrubs are planted as these provide anti-glare effect

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During night time every vehicle has its head light on, people carelessly use high beams on highways. Or Bigger vehicles like Goods Truck are having bery high beam,The plants planted on the dividers act as a barrier in order to avoid glare from the veichel coming in the opposite direction and hence reduce accidents because many times glare from head lights blinds the vision for some seconds which is enough time for an accident to happen.[Since human perception time is minimum of 2 seconds for a reaction and when light distracts, it provides a illusion effect for more than 2 seconds]
But the shrubs or plant which were planted earlier on NH27 are destroyed due to two reasons 1- Localites & 2- no proper maintainance by concerned authority . We pay tax at toll plaza for example of I am travelling from Lucknow to Faizabad there are 2 Plaza in between and they collect more than 70-80 lakhs minimun each in a day. But they are very careless in terms of maintainance. They only paint the dividers 

As I am frequent traveller I face the proble of glare in night and not only me many people are facing this problem and some are now used to it . And due to this many accident occurs .

If the shrubs are planted in the maiden of highways as they were earlier it will be a great relief for everyone using it and will also decrease the no. of accident which are occuring in night.