Better Medical facilities(Trauma centers) on expressway & national highways in India

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We have lost 700 young lives due to accidents on yamuna express highway and if you look all over India then number of deaths due to accidents on these highways is huge.

Most of the victims couldn't get medical help timely which is the main reason behind increased deaths as there are no trauma centers on expressway and these people have to be shifted to hospitals inside cities in which golden hours of resuscitation being  lost.

Just five questions about the sad incident :
1.Why can't we have small trauma centers on expressway atleast after every 60-80mile stones with big centres with full facilities at 200kms milestones. Like they have Food points?
2.Why can't we train the Patrol Security teams and equipped them with life saving measures?
3.Why can't we have airlifting facilities on expressway when fighter jets land or take off from there?
4.Speed limit , lane driving,assessment of drivers at regular intervals in these hospitals on expressway should be strictly followed.
5.After paying heavy toll why can't they provide life Insaurnce to the family and as its proven that 2-4am Are death hours why can't we stop the traffic during this time because most of the accident victims are not salvageable even after best medical facilities as the impact of trauma is too high.
We should learn from these incidents as after so many years of hard work we have lost 3 brains with their grey matter lying on road sticking to tyres of running rather than flying vehicles .
Unbelievable how vulnerable we are?
No safety measures
No medical facilities on expressway
No insaurnce or support system for family members left behind us with only their dreams drooling over through tears.

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