Better Management of Toll Booths

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The traffic snarls on the toll booths across the country have become unbearable.

Specially over long weekends and festive occasions the lines just don't seem to end.

As it is the prices for the tolls are too high and on top of that the mis-management at these booths is something which is absolutely unwarranted.

I have been a victim of the above situation many times when travelling for marriages, vacations or visiting relatives. It is extremely frustrating and annoying to keep sitting in the car and wait just to pay money to move ahead.

Kindly take some steps to alleviate this pain for the travelling community.

- Make the prices uniform across booths based on the rate per kilometer

- There should be proper barricading to stop vehicles from cutting across lines

- The Smart Tag lane should not be blocked other vehicles

- There should be separate gates for private cars and commercial vehicles (trucks and buses)

- The toll gates should be opened for free to ease traffic if the traffic exceeds a certain threshold

- Toll operators be made responsible to make arrangements for special occasions like festivals, long weekends and holiday and marriage season.