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Throw out the 2 ventolin per year rule!!

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I have recently been made aware of a new money saving rule put in place buy the NHS. This new rule only allows 2 ventolin inhalers to asthma sufferers per year!! 

I have been an asthma sufferer for over 20 years and have always ordered a ventolin (blue) inhaler whenever I needed one so approximately every 4-6 weeks. I have recently had an asthma review and was not told of this change or put on any other preventative inhalers in place of what has now been taken away. I have aired my issues with my GP practice manager who seemed quite happy that I had no blue inhaler at all, and that if I have an attack to just make a 999 call. I feel that this belt tightening scheme could seriously end up causing a severe strain on an already stretched ambulance service!! Or could ultimately end up in a fatality. Please help me show the NHS that a breathing problem is no laughing matter and that a blue inhaler should always be available to an asthmatic at all times regardless of quota!! 

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