Covid-19 and the importance of Student Nurses to be paid minimum living wage

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Covid-19 has took over headlines. The World Health Organization has classed Covid-19 as a pandemic.

There is no doubt Nurses, Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals will be needed now more than ever and will be putting themselves at risk during this pandemic. 

This includes Student Nurses!

Before Covid-19 Student Nurses put themselves at risk equally to other viruses and infections like other paid Healthcare Professionals! Including... 

C-diff, MRSA, VRE, Hepatitis, HIV/aids, Ecoli, Norovirus, Flu, GI, TB. And more!

Health Professionals in the NHS are working in an environment that the Public Accounts Committee concluded 'was dangerous by its very nature' 

This was concluded before Covid-19

As Student Nurses we are expected to work 2300 hours unpaid work in line with the Nursing and Midwifery Council in this dangerous environment with no pay.

Covid-19 is affecting all of us more than we ever thought it would. This pandemic has brought to light the need for change regarding Student Nurses and the need to look after them and reward the hard work, compassion and risk with minimum living wage. 

The Nursing Times has stated that Pre- registration nursing programmes place many challenges on student that can affect their health and wellbeing. As the next generation of nurses who will form the backbone of the NHS maximising health and well being MUST be a priority! We feel this can be achieved by paying us for what we do. 

We care for our patients unconditionally but in order to do that we need to look after ourselves.

Let's start appreciating Student Nurses as the future of our NHS and pay them minimum living wage.

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