Stop tree chopping in south Delhi for purpose of redevelopment.

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Delhi is in an environmental turbulence at the moment and the news of chopping of 16,500 trees in South Delhi area for "redevelopment purposes" and much more in near future is not only a major blow but shows how indifferent decision makers are towards the hazard their action will accord to citizens, resources, nature and many more. The fact that this idea was not only presented but also accepted and given a nod to, justifies the lack of responsibility and accountability towards their action shown by people with decision making power. Though I understand that this decision itself had to go through many rounds of people for being accepted, it just shows haste in ability to realize the havoc it beholds.Delhi and its citizens are already a pawn of mere politics of state versus center at the moment but our nature, our future, our environment cannot be scapegoat of politics, inability to make decisions by the people in power and indifference by us. Therefore I request you all to take an action, make your voice heard and stop the felling of thousands of trees for building accommodation for Central govt.

Why deforestation is not affordable at the moment? 

  • Delayed rainfall- In simple terms by this time  last year we already had rains and no rain yet is an indication of how messed up the environment is. This has already led to loss in terms of agriculture, as kharif crop sowing has been vigorously delayed. In near future it can also lead to water shortage.
  • High pollution and dust storms- As per recent reports of Pollution Control Board the pollution index of Delhi is strikingly high and its one of the most polluted cities.
  • Major loss of Biodiversity in Delhi
  • With such old trees being uprooted major soil erosion can happen depleting the water table.

These are just some of the major problems which branch out into multiple further issues each entering the crevices of our life somehow and deteriorating it.

As an alternative to this humongous deforestation, an order has been passed to plant saplings.

Sapling plantation as a compensation is not duly an effective method because:-

  • Saplings cannot compensate for the role of fully grown trees.
  • The areas that have been allocated for sapling plantation still lie barren, with no activity yet. (as per report in The Hindu)  
  • A sapling will take no less than 10 years to fully grow into mature trees that are being chopped off, so compensation in terms of time of return value is a loss too. 
  • The probability of one sapling growing into a full tree is about 10% keeping in consideration the abiotic(wind, floods etc.)and biotic (animal activitiies) factors that could probably lead to its early death. 

With these just being issues of the surface there lies a deep mountain underneath still to be solved. With Delhi in no condition to afford this massive deforestation an alternative must be sought for accommodations to be provided in already vacated areas or a better counterbalance strategy.