Save 63,799 trees of Lucknow

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63,799....yes, that is the exact number of trees which will be chopped down to clear the area to host a certain Defense expo. The city is Lucknow which ranks 14 in the world pollution index by Numbeo and number 1 in India. Instead of planning how to combat the situation, the river bank of Gomti is to be cleared of its greenery by HAL for its upcoming Defence expo where the Naval and the Army fleets will be showcasing their skills. 

Obviously, a plantation scheme will be started once the expo is over. But the damage done to the environment might be an irreversible one. I have been tweeting and retweeting my requests to the people sitting on the hi-chairs of the power echelon to no avail.

I request you all to join me in this battle to save the trees and the environment of this city of Nawabs. Let us come together to protect the future of our children.,000-Trees-to-Be-Displaced-for-Defence-Expo-in-Lucknow-Next-Year-768230