Ban DJ/Music Sys. for Processions - Reduce Noise – Promote Traditional Music Instruments.

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The Festive season starts and the preparations are on for the celebration of various festivals.  Now a days in Delhi and North India some of the festivals have started becoming popular and are being celebrated by a very large population.  Some of the festivals are as follows;

1. Kanwar yatra (month of Shravan, monsoon time, 15 days)

2. Shri Ganapati Festival (starts on Ganesh Chaturthi and ends on Ananta Chaturdashi- Duration 11 days)

3. Shri Vishwakarma Puja (16th or 17th September every year, visarjan on next day)

4. Mahalaya (Ganga Bathing before Navratri begins,  Durtaion approx.. 2 to 3 days)

5. Shri Durgapuja (Navratri for 9 days,  Durga puja from Saptami to Navmi,  Visarjan on Vijaya Dashmi)

6. Chhath Puja (Kartika Shukla Shashthi, generally in October/November)

7. Muharram (Taziya Procession)

On these festivals, the processions in large numbers are taken out with very loud music and use of the powerful DJ or Music systems in an uncontrollable manner.  The Sound levels are very high and are cause of disturbance to the general public and noise pollution.  Due to very high volume the traffic in cities gets disturbed and causes nuisance/hazard.

Solutions proposed:-

A.  Ban the use of DJ or Music systems or any sound amplifying system with speakers.  For all of the above festivals on all days.   This has been banned in Maharashtra for the Ganesh festival and Navratri this year.  All the processions during Visarjan in Maharashtra were very clam and quiet and peaceful with all people actually enjoying in absence of the DJ music systems.

B.  Stop/ Restrict Entry / Movement of Kanwarias during the peak morning and evening hours (7 AM to 11 AM  and 5 PM to 7 PM) through Delhi city and other major cities.

C.  Restrict the size of the Ganesh Idol (made of Plaster of Paris (POP), for Residential as max. 1.5 feet height and for public celebration as max. 2 feet height.).  Use of all Herbal/ natural / eco-friendly colours.  This is phase -1 solution in a phased manner.  Further details of the Eco-friendly Ganesh Visarjan shall be shared separately.

D.  Promote the use of Traditional Musical instruments such as Dhol, Tashe, Band, Lezim , Jhanj etc. during processions.