Green cover in Delhi

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I refer to the various articles which had appeared in the newspapers and other media regarding the depleting green cover and severely increasing pollution level of Delhi's atmosphere.

I feel there is so much that should be done towards this end without much effort, cost or the need forming committees etc.

The roads of Delhi have traditionally so well covered by trees but more and more due to PWD works, roads widening and other construction work, the trees on and around the road are diminishing.

Steps need to be taken to ensure there are large shade giving trees such as Neem, Amaltash etc. planted on all central verges, traffic islands, triangular traffic island at T junctions etc. Several hundreds of thousands of trees could and should be planted this way, which would afford much needed shade in the summers and absorb the major pollution created by vehicles.

I do hope that the attention of the authorities would be brought to this issue so that there could be some progress in this matter, especially during the forthcoming monsoon period.