Formation of a Health service commission (HSC) to manage health human resource in Kenya.

Formation of a Health service commission (HSC) to manage health human resource in Kenya.

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National goverment, senate, National Assembly, council of governors & human rights commission. (Government & partners)

Why this petition matters

Started by Fabiano K.

   Devolution started in Kenya 2013 when 2010 constitution was enacted. This followed by devolving of healthcare Services to all 47 counties in 2014.

  1. Devolution of healthcare services included management staffs & all services related to health by county governments to include:- Equipping our health facilities, building facilities, procurement of pharmaceutical & non-pharmaceutical items, payment of salary, promotions, ensuring continuity of career progression to health professionals, employment & deployment etc.
  2. Since 2014 after devolution of healthcare services the country has witnessed deterioration in quality of services offered in different counties due to disparity in health system management.
  3. Since devolution the country has witnessed many strikes by health professionals due to either late or nonpayment of salaries, non remittance of statutory deductions like loans, NHIF, NSSF, Helb loans etc
  4. Since devolution the healthcare professionals have ragged behind in promotions & career progression systems have totally/partially be paralyzed by counties health management.
  5. After devolving healthcare services the country has in many occasions in different parts witnessed diseases outbreaks which take long before response is done hence causing great suffering to victims.
  6. Since Devolution of healthcare services the has been constant shortage of drugs and necessities in health facilities across the country.
  7. Distribution of healthcare professionals has been with great challenges whereby in a number of counties the residents can't access specialized care e.g surgeries,  maternal & child care etc.

Health service commission has a remedy:-

1. The commission will ensure great management of healthcare system, healthcare professionals in Kenya ensuring timely promotions & meeting other needs for staffs especially continuity in career progression, this will raise morale & improve quality of services.

2. The health service commission will equalize the staffs distribution based on the needs, this ensures all Kenyans access specialized healthcare services with ease.

3. The commission with other partner will always ensure all diseases outbreaks are responded to in time by deploying the right personnel, emerging diseases will be closely monitored & response will be quicker. This will eliminate suffering to the victims.

4. This commission will ensure statutory deductions are remitted in time to the relevant institutions.

5. Due to centralized management of health human resource quality of healthcare services will be equal in all counties & continuous health workers strikes will be managed/stopped.



6,803 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!