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In shocking news, National Geographic have chose to film a TV series with Melissa Bachman, a woman who makes TV entertainment from killing animals for fun.

It is shocking news that National Geographic have chosen to cash in on this as well and have picked up her series s "My Take". If you go to youtube or google "Melissa Bachman hunting" you can see just how much pain and suffering she causes animals. On her website she talks about following wounded animals for miles that she has previously shot. If an animal can walk for miles after been shot and then dies, the agony and suffering it must be going through is unthinkable.

From her website:
"Seeing the arrow hit that buck was one of those “priceless” moments. Everything had come together and all the hard work instantly paid off. The buck went about 30 yards and almost dropped right there in the field. My life would have been much easier if the buck had dropped 30 yards away, but it took miles of tracking before my trophy finally appeared."

She has also killed numerous bears, in one video she claims to shoot a "charging" bear, yet if you watch the video you will see her calling the bear in with a predator call/squeaky toy. The bear trots over but it is not charging, the bear is stood still when she shoots it in the neck.

One of the comments reads:
"Now my 10 year old daughter is asking for a bear hunt this year or next. Your videos have been an inspiration to her. It's great to see her so excited about archery and hunting!".

Here is a group that has been set up to oppose National Geographic using her in their shows:

Here is a video of her announcing that she is going to Alaska for two months to film for NatGeo:

Melissa Bachman: Melissa Takes A Break, Joins National Geographic     She's heading off to live in Alaska for a couple months to do a new series for National Geographic.

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**** Thank you for signing this petition.  I will be collecting the petition numbers and all the messages and sending them to Nat Geo.  Thank you for caring and taking the time to help the innocent animals.  Please spread the word to help get the numbers to go up.  That will say a lot to NG


**On a personal note**

I am an animal rescuer (and vegetarian).  What I have seen and what I know, goes on every day and haunts me to my core.  I have lost so much of my faith in  the human race, from the disregard of life, selfishness, and greed.  I do have to say, reading your messages is restoring a new strength in me.  I feel kindred souls with you.  Realizing there are kind, loving, strong warriors  across the world with the same compassion and drive.  Yes, there is such ugliness in this world but a sincere thank you for being brave enough to speak up and rejuvenate this weary heart.  With much gratitude your rescue sister, Zoe Cooper



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