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National Football League: Return the 1925 NFL Championship to the Pottsville Maroons

On December 6, 1925, The Pottsville Maroons beat the Chicago Cardinals 21-7, claiming the NFL Championship with the league's best record of 10 wins and 2 losses. The NFL played an open ended schedule at this point, however all games scheduled after December 6 were only to make money. On December 12, the Maroons scheduled an exhibiton game in Philadelphia's Shibe Park against Notre Dame, and won 9-7 helping to establish the NFL as a legitimate league. The Frankford Yellow Jackets claimed that that the Maroons had encorached on their territory, despite the NFL's foggy territorial rules at the time. This lead to the NFL unfairly suspending Pottsville, and in doing so, revoking the championship.

The NFL then attempted to give the 1925 title to the Chicago Cardinals, however ownership at the time refused to accept it, and it was not until 1933 when Charles Bidwell bought the team that the Cardinals claimed the title as their own. The Maroons rightfully won the NFL Championship in 1925, and despite two previous calls to return it, the NFL still chooses to ignore that the Maroons are the legitimate champions for the 1925 NFL season.

As fans we must tell the NFL to right it's past wrongs and to give back Pottsville what it won over 87 years ago. 

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National Football League Roger Goodell
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Return the 1925 NFL Championship to the Pottsville Maroons

The 1925 NFL Championship belongs to its rightful owner, the Pottsville Maroons. It is an important part of regional and league history that may otherwise be forgotten if it is not restored and made right. The coal industry was important to the rise of the United States of America and that collection coal miners banded together to bring a huge victory to a relatively tiny PA coal town. This would be a good show of faith from the NFL, showing that they do still care about the fans that have made their business worth Billions.