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NFL - Suspend players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem

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PATRIOTS AND FELLOW AMERICANS - let your voice be heard! 

Sign this petition to tell the National Football League that you will not support a league that that allows players to disparage this country by kneeling or refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Our message is short and sweet – suspend, fine or fire football players who use the national football forum to advertise their own personal political agendas.  These players are on the clock on Sunday while America watches.  NFL, tell them that if they choose to protest, they can do so on their own time and at their own venue.   Football is America’s favorite pastime.  Millions of families put their lives on hold for hours on Sunday and Monday to enjoy a sport they love.  Millions of fans spend hard earned money on tickets, jerseys, memorabilia and subscriptions to watch at home. Our purchases fund the salaries of these players.  These disrespectful acts tear at the fabric of this country and must stop.  Those of us who enjoy football would like to spend those hours rooting for our teams and appreciating the game, not be subject to political statements which incite anger and anxiety. 

NFL – SUSPEND, FIRE OR FINE football players who use tax payer funded stadiums for political gain!

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