Nfl Referee accountability

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Bad calls happen, but certain teams more often than not benefit from questionable calls as certain teams are sunken by them. The belief that referee bias has affected the outcome of games has grown greatly in the past decade. In a league where every single game holds merit and potential for the postseason, a single bad call can crash a teams aspirations unjustly. If a team is better than the other, they'll find a way to win, if they have a bad game, then that wasnt their day, but it should be left to the PLAYERS to decide the game and not officiating. 

Referees making repeated bad calls (for or against a team) should be held accountable for their mistakes (fines or suspension) as once a game is decided there is no compensation for a team.

A referees calls should be uniform across the board.

A referee should be able to be overturned on a BLATANTLY incorrect call by new york.

And finally a referee should be subject to review of peers or council to verify unjust rulings or bias. Granted hard calls do happen, so this step would be instated to verify patterns of calls.

Football is the greatest sport on earth, and it is a game of inches. And a single reset of downs or a few free yards can impact a game completely.  No win is as hollow as one gifted by controversy, and no loss is as angering as one that was unearned. Let the teams compete for who is best, as opposed to who is popular or trendy.

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