Boycott NFL and Sponsors. Leave politics off the field.

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We are boycotting the NFL and it's sponsors until ALL players, owners, and staff decide to leave their political issues off the field. Kneeling during the National Anthem, in front of the American flag is extremely divisive and disrespectful. 

POLITICAL SPEECH: The NFL already uses political speech in their rules/guidelines as a reason to deny certain things to teams and players. The NFL expects professional, respectful behavior on the field and fines players who break these rules. It is unsportsmanlike to force your fans to choose between watching players kneel, leaving the game, or turning off the game. The NFL is worth billions of dollars thanks to the fans. You did not get to where you are without us. All of us.

FREE SPEECH: This is not a free speech issue. We strongly believe in the right to free speech. It's about using the National Anthem and not standing for the flag as a soapbox for your political or social beef with the world outside the game. It's about using the game at all as a place to push your protest or political agenda. One reason fans watch football is to escape the political and social issues we are bombarded with on a daily basis. This includes things we agree with. By allowing this behavior to continue you have invited a wedge of anger and division into sports even down to the pee wee level. Fans are not just angry with you, they are fighting with each other over yet another issue that divides people, and it's not just the issue you are even kneeling about. Some fans are calling other fans racist for not agreeing with those kneeling , while some call fans who agree with those kneeling unpatriotic. Do you really want people fighting this way? You have taken something that was a simple joy to many people and made it the latest political/social football (pun intended). 

MOVING FORWARD: We encourage the players and all the NFL to find positive, constructive ways all people can happily support your causes off the field. You have incredible wealth and incredible influence that could be used in many ways to educate the public, and foster positive dialogue with law enforcement to find tangible answers. You do this with other causes you are passionate about already.  

We ask for an immediate announcement and apology from the NFL and assurance that this behavior WILL STOP IMMEDIATELY. That any player/coach/staff continuing to bring politics into the game will be fined or face suspension. We will not end the boycott until all players are standing. 

Sponsors include but not limited to:
Barclaycard US
Campbell's Soup Company
Courtyard Marriott
Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60)
Extreme Networks
Hyundai Motor America
Mars Snackfood
News America
Papa John's
Procter & Gamble

*Notice to the NBA, MLB and all other sports as well. 

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