NFL Fans For Roger Goodell Resignation

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Never has the NFL’s morals been questioned until Goodell stepped into the commissioner spot. 


Due to MANY seasons of questionable calls, no calls, etc. With plenty of video evidence (thank you technology). The time is now to speak out. 


It should not take a commissioner of a highly profittable and widely watched sport to stay silent 10 days after what the world witnessed in the NFC championship between the saints and the rams. Also in the next game there is once again prooof of a “offside” being called with zero players lined up in an offside position. 

The lack of views of super bowl feb 3, 2019 and it also being the lowest scoring in SB history. The football God’s we know so well spoke. Now we the people must speak as well. 

Make this stand together and show what we what we expect from our nfl commissioner. FAIRNESS and INTEGRITY!!