Make Las Vegas the location of "Super Bowl LV" in 2021

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The biggest fail in the modern Super Bowl era would be to miss out on the most epic, mind-bogglingly coincidental alignment of marketing genius in NFL history: locating "Super Bowl LV" in the city of Las Vegas to introduce a brand new stadium to showcase the home of the new Las Vegas Raiders in the year 2021. The NFL will never get a golden opportunity like this again - an impeccable alignment of roman numerals, a brand new stadium and a Las Vegas city ready to host the greatest championship game in the observable universe.

Locate Super Bowl "LV" (55) in the city of Las Vegas and bathe in the plethora of promotional gold. The mind-blowing formation of "LV" as the roman numeral for the Super Bowl in 2021 is combined with:

-The city of Las Vegas' brand new stadium opening in 2020 for the new Las Vegas Raiders, giving it a year dress rehearsal for the big show

-The "LV" brand can be milked like a Tibetan yak

-Bask in the glory of your "immaculate conception" for millennia as you shower the fans of the NFL with catch-phrase laudation.

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I was born and raised in Las Vegas, but most importantly, understand the power of common sense.