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Get Colin Kaepernick a front office job in the NFL

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As the 2017-18 NFL gets underway with preseason games, Black athletes continued the National Anthem protest, started by former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. From kneeling to raising their fists during the playing of the national anthem, players have been showing their awareness of social issues which now include Colin not having a job with an employer he made millions for during his first 2 years with the 49ers.  In the preseason these peaceful protests have continued to get press coverage as well, even White teammates such as the Browns Nate Devalue, who knelt during a game against the Giants (Eli What’s Good?) have showed their solidarity. Perhaps we will have to wait until next year to see if these players will have a job in the NFL, but these protest at the start of the season hold a mirror up to NFL owners of their own brutality towards someone who made a significant impact on the NFL when he was at the peak of his powers, on the biggest stage (Super Bowl XLVIII). The 32 NFL owners and executives are not wielding batons like the officers caught on tape abusing civilians, rather their reluctance to give Colin a chance when even fans know his abilities warrant him a spot on a team is just as brutal as any blow given by the police. The NFL is suffocating Colin’s future by their continued inaction in the face of an obvious injustice and insult to the intelligence of fans. The NFL collectively has basically beaten Colin into submission, leaving his talents to fall victim to atrophy. There is a possibility that Colin’s football skills could diminish with this time off, leaving owners and coaches feeling justified as to why he wasn’t picked up this season.

 As a Black man, I’m not going to boycott the NFL by not watching football, I chose another route. I actually love having a Sunday to watch the NFL it makes life easier. My love for the game does not absolve Roger Goodell,  owners and team decision makers who may want Colin on their team but have been told otherwise. As a fan I would feel proud and quicker to defend the NFL, if this situation is solved with an amicable conclusion where I as a Black man can watch the NFL in peace.  A conclusion that is fan driven, which is why I’m asking you to support this petition to have the NFL offer Colin Kaepernick a front office job with the NFL in some form where he can progress on his philanthropic endeavors which align with the mission of an organization such as the NFL Foundation

It’s high time the NFL offer Colin Kaepernick a front office position within its operations department, specifically the NFL Foundation which operates as a non-profit representing all 32 teams and who’s stated mission is to support the health, safety and wellness of athletes, youth football and the communities which support our game. These are all the things Colin has dedicated his life to, especially the last part “Communities which support our game”. A significant portion of the communities that support football, have African American young men who one day may end up playing in the NFL and have to try their hardest to dodge the obstacles which Colin has fought to address during and after his final year in the NFL.

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