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Cher at the 2018 Super Bowl halftime Show

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Cher is the goddess of pop and certainly a music legend. She is responsible for bringing art directly to people's homes for more than 50 years, no one in the history of music has a career as long and successful as she and continues to this day raising and encouraging thousands of people who always fill Your shows

She is the only artist in history to have won Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe, Emmy and Cannes for her work, has sold more than 200 million records in her solo career and another 100 million as part of the sonny and cher duo she Holds the record for today's most watched TV special with around 20 million viewers with her farewell tour, it is the only artist in history to have at least 1 hit at the top of the billboard charts in the last 6 decades and It would certainly be one of its biggest differentials as one of the longest and most successful career artists would be able to unite fans of all generations and bring a gigantic audience to the 2018 superbowl

Even at the age of 70 she is able to shake the audience with stunning choreographies, fabulous clothes exchanges, countless hits of various genres in her 50 years of career and an unmistakable charisma that can raise any audience, in 2017 she starts a new tour, goes Record 2 movies, record a new CD and debut music on broadway, it is clear that in 2018 would be a good time to bring Cher to the halftime show of the super bowl

It's time to bring an old world-wide wish to perform in the superbowl, we need someone who can unite Americans like never before and bring an incredible public to make an incredible party, this is one of the last opportunities to bring one of the greatest legends of World music and make an unforgettable show It is a surprise to see she has never participated in a halftime show, but together we can make it possible.

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