We Require A Second Labour Deputy Leader Vote

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Sally Garland
Sally Garland signed this petition

We the undersigned members and/or affiliate members of Labour,  call upon our NEC to place before conference 2019 a motion that will  give members a democratic vote to enable us, as members, to nominate the Deputy Leader of our party.

We wish the rule to give members at least equal nomination rights as our parliamentary colleagues.

This request is made because the Deputy Leader of our party has a unique and distinct relationship with the membership in role, portfolio and responsibility; reflected in the fact that s/he is directly elected to the front bench by votes of the membership.

We are clear that this unique and special relationship  needs to be enshrined in the rule book so that members can nominate their deputy leader.

We also request that conference is given the option to widen the field for nominations to include elected representatives of our party.

Given recent events this request should be regarded as an emergency by our Nec .