Protecting and Conserving Natural Habitat and Natural Resources

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Protecting and Conserving Natural Habitat & Natural Resources

Target:National Environment and Planning Agency, Government of Jamaica
Region: Jamaica

Land use and land conversion to support operations not only result in soil erosion of the top soil which leads to sedimentation of streams and rivers and degrades water quality but can also impact natural life due to habitat loss. A reduction of biodiversity (the variety of plant and animal life) diminishes the capacity of ecosystems to provide a stable and sustainable supply of essential goods and services such as clean air and water and also reduces animal life, which could potentially decrease the amount of natural resources available for future use.
Therefore, protecting and conserving natural habitat is essential to enhance sustainable development for future use. However, due to the development of infrastructures for different purposes loss of biodiversity and natural resources are destroyed. It can be advised that proper management & planning should put in place when building to ensure that biodiversity & natural resources are not damaged to enhance sustainable development for the environment.