Empowerment of Pharmacists & Job Vacancies

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The current status of pharmacists in India is worst. Kindly sign this petition to address the following problems to uplift the pharmacy profession.

  1. Add Pharmacy as subject in National level exams like NET.
  2. Make centralized regulatory body for education and policy framing instead of multiple bodies.
  3. Create government job opportunities in class 1 and 2 cadre as well as there graduate and post graduate courses in pharmacy practice by conducting exams in UPSC and State level public commissions.
  4. Patient counselling and drug regiment should be decided by pharmacist based on diagnosis made by doctor.
  5. Only registered pharmacist can handle drug formulation, dispensing, testing, counselling, and all other activities associated with medicine handling.
  6. Recruitment of pharmacists at primary and community health centers.
  7. Starting government pharmacy colleges in states.
  8. Creating more posts of pharmacist for counselling, dispensing and store management of drugs at community health centers to meet up work load.