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Children as young as 4 years old to do 7 hour days at Harlow NET Academy schools.

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My daughters academy have sent a proposal to change their school hours. They will change from 8:50am to 8:45, 1 hr lunch break to 50 mins and instead of finishing at 3:15pm to 3:45pm.

This means they want children as young as 4 to do 7 hours schooling per day, they say its to increase the optimum learning time in the morning if this is the case then why are they keeping them later in the day.

They are also suggesting the children attend the 8am breakfast club and after school clubs that will take them to 4:45pm which is nearly 9 hours more than most adults working days.

I know this would be quite useful for parents who work during the day. But it does not help my family as I chose to work evenings so that I can be home during the day and around during the school holidays of which there are 13 weeks and will increase to 15 weeks with the new proposal. As a family we took a 20k pay cut to do this  and do struggle at times but its worth it to spend time with our daughter. This now means I will see my daughter for 30 mins after school not to sure how we are expected to get the homework done.

They say its to increase the children's prime optimum learning time in the mornings so why are they asking them to stay later. Its proven that children start to switch off from about 2/2:30pm in the afternoon so I do not think it will be very productive keeping them later.  Also lots of children do after school clubs and this will make that very difficult.  

I also do not believe this is a proposal as the term time dates already include the extra holiday weeks from Sept on the schools website. 

There is another academy in the same area that are increasing their morning time by getting the children to come in earlier but their end time is going to be 3pm which means no extra school holidays which parents can do without.

I would be happy to bring my daughter to school slightly earlier say 8:30 but staying later should only be out of choice with after school clubs.

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