Mandatory Fire safety & Emergency Response training in education institutes in India.

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Its a matter of grief and our hearts are filled with sorrow & prayers for the families of those 21 students who had died in the fire outbreak in an education institute in Surat on 24 May 2019.

The apparent reasons, that claimed so many lives were lack of fire rescue exits in the building and lack of rescue infrastructure with the fire dept. Immediate fixation of above lacunae is must, which must have started by now, I hope.

But apart from above, there was one more factor that, I believe, was responsible for deaths of these many kids and others trapped in similar panic situations, which is, the absence of life saving skills training and emergency rescue drills in curriculums.

Now a days we are training our kids to be smarter, sharper, stronger but we are not providing them any training which guides them to handle themselves in panic situations and the required knowhow to use their skills in any emergency situation, such as fire outbreak, riot, flood etc. to help themselves out of such situation as well as to help others.

It tears out our heart knowing that, only if the kids were trained with the basic fire safety drill many of them would be alive today.

We must not only incorporate life saving training as a part of school curriculum but framing of emergency rescue plans must be made mandatory for every institution.

This will not only prepare our kids for the worst case scenarios but will also make them more confident & helpful citizens of today & tomorrow.

Again I , along with all the citizens of our country, offer our prayers and condolences for the demised students & their families; “Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti..”.


Arjun Kanadi, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA