Get the Freestyle Libre Glucose Monitor/Sensor subsidised on the NDSS

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The Freestyle Libre Glucose Monitor and Sensor is an integral part of day to day life for my dad and many others like him who are living with Type 1 diabetes. It has enabled him to check his blood sugar quickly and see if it is climbing or falling so he can administer insulin accordingly.

This method is far more accurate than the standard finger prick/blood test strips and has saved my dad from dangerous situations which may have lead to a coma, or worse. 


Despite being an amazing invention improving the lives of many it remains off the NDSS subsidy list and unfortunately this means at around $200 a month for replacement sensors it is unaffordable for most.


We ask that these FreeStyle Libre sensors be subsidised on the NDSS for ALL Type 1 diabetes sufferers.


Please support our cause and sign the petition to help us and all other Type 1 diabetes sufferers make this life altering device more affordable.


Thank you.