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Retract your statement opposing same gender marriage

On May 14, 2012, the National Council of Young Israel made a statement:

 "As members of a community that abides by the precepts of the Torah, we are deeply disappointed that a growing number of prominent American leaders, including President Obama, have expressed support for same gender marriage.  As a national organization dedicated to Torah values and guided by Jewish law, the National Council of Young Israel is diametrically opposed to same gender marriage, which is a concept that is antithetical to the religious principles that we live by.  As firm believers that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman, we simply cannot accept a newfound social position that alters the value, definition, and sanctity of marriage as set forth in the Torah, which has guided us for thousands of years." 

However, we, the members of the National Council of Young Israel, do not believe that the religious principles that we live by should be imposed on Americans who do not share those religious principles.

As members of a religion that has been persecuted in every country or society in which we've ever lived, we urge our leaders and representatives to stop encouraging politicians to make decisions based on religious precepts.

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