Language of my choice

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  1. Learning three languages is an extra burden for the children which doesn't come into use in daily life. Two languages are sufficient enough to carryout the life tasks more efficiently.
  2. First language could be English and the second language should be of my choice. People of India have different languages as their mother tongue. Right now there is no provision for all the children to learn their own language thereby putting the language at the edge of extinction (if not now, later). NCERT should enable a platform for our children to learn the language of their choice wherever they are living in India. It becomes highly necessary for the second language to be the choice of the student. When a family moves from one state to other in the country, the child would continue to study the language of his choice. By this way, we could protect all 1800+ languages of our nation from extinction. The 1800+ languages form the basis of our integrity in diversity, be it spoken by minority number of people or majority number of people. In this 2modern world which provides us with immense technology, this is easily achievable.