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Law Suit against MTN for stealing Credits from Customers

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Over the years Ghanaians have witnessed an influx of big Telecom companies which provide voice and data and recently financial service. As we all agree this has helped in connecting people to friends and family and the outside world it seems these companies will stop at nothing to make more money. One of such  company is MTN.

A lot of people have complained to no avail for their poor service in the call service and it seems the same can be said about their data service as well.

Recently i singed up for their Midnight browsing plan (12am to 5am for 5GB @ gh 3). and although i hadnt exhuasted the credit or crossed the validity period my main account was deducted till i hit gh 0.05 with 324.23 MB to spare. This has happened on a number of occasions the most recent one i signed up for the gh 1 for 3GB 3am to 5am. as at 4am with 187.71MB to spare my main balance was deducted till i hit ghc 0.03.

My attempts to get the issue resolved from the customer call centre and MTN office at Accra Mall proved futile. One may say its just gh 1 or gh 3. but think of the credit they stole which in total would be close to ghc 10 multiply by an estimated 1000 people who experience the same thing and dont get a refund and you will see how MTN is making millions by exploiting their innocent loyal customers like me. as if their poor services and high tarrifs were not enough. This Corporate Theft has got to stop NOW!!!!!!!! The average Ghanaian works too hard to have the monies stolen from such corporate entities. Join me let bring this to the attention of all bodies and concerned stakeholders to put an end to this menace.

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