Women-Friendly Police Stations in Delhi

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I had made an attempt to understand the issues faced by women while visiting the police station and the results were shocking. I reached out to more than 410 women from various walks of life and the data laid down a very gloomy picture.

The data had respondents from across the terrains of Delhi, predominantly from South, Central and North Delhi regions.

  • Out of 410 women, 70% had faced harassment or violence of any kind (physical, social or emotional) and more than 60% faced difficulty in approaching the police for help.
  • Few conversations with women in the above regions showed that police would ask inappropriate questions and often putting blame on the survivor itself.
  • Around 50% of the 410 respondents aged 15-55, shared that while they have access to the police, some had either not availed their services or were not sure as to how the police would respond on approaching them.

Furthermore, while Delhi police has brought down the crime rate against women when compared to UP and Haryana, it is astonishing how many such cases of violence against women often go unreported in Delhi. Even after being exposed to no. of sensitisation workshops and sessions on Gender, such efforts usually don’t seem to have a prolonged effect. That makes it pivotal to ensure that these workshops happen at regular intervals of time in order to ingrain the values of empathy in all police personnel dealing with women survivors.

What will we do with the signatures? 

Your signature will be instrumental to ensure how we can work together to solve the challenges faced by women and influence policymakers to bring about sustainable change. Your signatures will be used for undertaking evidence-based advocacy in Delhi and the compiled report will be presented to political leaders, bureaucrats and civil society members, to make a case for women-friendly police stations. The signatures would form part of a collated report from 4 states and presented at various regional, national and international platforms, to pitch for a more gender-neutral world.

The whole idea is to ensure that all police stations in Delhi are accessible and approachable to all women irrespective of their caste, class or religion and to make sure that crimes against women don’t go unreported. We are aspiring to make Police Stations in Delhi a women-friendly space. 

About the Petitioner:

Imad is a Youth Accountability Advocate working on Gender-Based Violence in Delhi with Restless Development. Restless Development is a global agency for youth-led development. We support young people to demand and deliver a just and sustainable world for all. For more information, please visit www.restlessdevelopment.org