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We the women are secondary in the male dominated & patriachal society, in India. Though there has been great strides in educating, decision making, venturing into business, working in & out of home to earn monies, it's still a man's world.

The male child is still given preference especially when property has to be given by the parents. This discrimination has no economic status. Be it the poor or the very rich,this disparity still exists. This is doubly distressing if the father follows the patriachal system & the male child is also the same. Now,here starts the true trouble. The female child/ daughter is given off in marriage with as minimum of property as possible & a lions share to be given to the heir of the family, the son/s, the male child.The women, poor or rich will not go to court to save her parents face, the society may talk of her disparingly if she goes to court,social norms etc. 

These days, more & more of the  daughters are taking the responsibility for their old parents while the sons are away earning in far away places or mother in law/ daughter in law problem & the son doesn't want to be caught in between them both.

My question is why doesn't the judiciary & the legislative frame new laws & see to that all children get equal share of the properties. The patriachal father by showing partiality to the son/s are crating a great rift between the siblings,when the father has to be the one nourishing,fostering & facilitating a stronger bond between his children.

This is more so prevalent in the self earned property of the parents. For ancestral property there is already a provision for the female member of the family to get equal share, so why disparity in the self earned property of the parents.

I have seen families ripped apart & lying in shambles by the thoughtless acts of the parents.

The only way to stop this barbaric practice is to-

1) the parents should be made aware that the daughters of the house also have needs & wants of the monetary funds independently of her husbands. But, if she is earning, why give her? For the simple reason you are giving your son,so she is also entitled to it too equally.

                                                    ITS HER BIRTHRIGHT TOO.

2) From a very young age the male children should be inculcated of the facts that the properties will be shared equally by all the siblings, only then the female children will also have security,safety net, respect,confidence etc. & not feel secondary to none.

3) Now,there will be the question, at the time of old age if the son will only look after the parents,that is why we want to give more property/ monetary benefits to him. Firstly, I don't see that happening. As mentioned earlier the sons are far away earning & looking after his own family or opt out of his mother-wife situation. Secondly, if he's looking after the aged parents, give him an extra 5-10% more of the property & vice-versa even if it's your daughter.

4) In some communities, the male child/ sons have to perform some duties religious, socially etc, the same 5-10% extra monetary allocation can be made by the parents.

5)Last but not the least, the parents must also be protected from the children. Let them keep a major share of their hard earned money until their end, ensuring their dignity of life.Their want to gift,donate , do charitable work ,medical expenses, day to day living etc. Whatever they "Will" to their children, they have to give equally to their children, so they leave with the fabric of the family intact.

It's only just & fair that they do right by the children they brought into this world.

This obsolete thinking & redundant patriachal practice must be put to an end with immediate effect. This will happen only if there is immediate intervention by the judiciary & the legislature. An Act has to be passed & put into force immediately. This should come into force for all the women who were born from 1960 . You may think,why 1960?? Because she still has roughly another 20-25 years of life,estimating she will live until 75 years.

There are a lakhs of women out there who are facing discrimination just because they were born a girl, not by any fault of theirs.

Please help the daughters get their "equal share-not lions share" of ownership of joy, health, wealth & to live with dignity.