Ground Zero- Rape or No Rape

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I care. I care not just because I am a girl, a woman myself
but a girl who knows what it takes to be one in this society.

We haven't forgotten Nirbhaya. We haven't forgotten Asifa. We haven't
forgotten the Nine month old girl from Warangal and we are not forgetting the twelve year old daughter who was raped continuously for two years by over 30 men with the help of her own father.

How are we tolerating this? How do we keep on going with our lives knowing there are 106 rapes happening per day, 4 in 10 of which are also minors and the conviction rate is as low as 28.2%.

Stop. Breathe and know the following.

In India, 94.8 % of the rape cases, the rapists weren’t strangers.

When a girl, a woman is raped irrespective of the age, the
consequence is same and the effect is same. Physical harm, pain and direct attack at her dignity, self-confidence and a sheer example of inhumanly behavior which leaves her questioning her entire life ahead.

It’s sad that India is still remembered more for the 2012 Nirbhaya Rape- Murder Crime which shook the entire world than its moon missions. But what’s wrong with that? What has been done ever since?

The entire nation came together on the streets, showed their anger and despair and one day, everyone went back home with anger and despair still in their hearts.
Until, Kathua Rape case in Jan, 2018 which again had the entire country at edge. I joined the protest march too but was that enough?

Women are left miserable, burnt to the ground, naked in the open to die and given sedatives, their organs pulled out and you’re still deciding what punishment suits the crime?

There are clauses, different sections in IPC, depending upon :
1. If the victim dies
2. If the victim is in permanent vegetative position
3. If the victim didn’t die
4. If the victim is alive

We are still there. Who is going to take us seriously anyway?
We are still deciding what punishment suits this heinous crime of Rape
depending on all these factors. We are still here.


ONE CRIME, ONE PUNISHMENT. That's all we want.

Make them feel how they made us feel. Make them realize how
serious it is. Make them understand that they can’t get away with this. Don’t let them get away with this.

What we Want?
We want One punishment and only One Punishment which restrains them from committing this heinous crime.

Punishment which can’t be dependent on the intensity of the crime
or victim’s age. ONE punishment which is so harsh that they fear even thinking
about it.

Punishment which is no less than Life Imprisonment. 

Life Imprisonment for the convicted. No three years, No Minimum, No seven years or twenty years. We have Zero Tolerance for Rape and
nothing will change that, not now and not ever. We want them behind the bars for as long as they love their life.

It hurts at all stages and at all ages. Make a universal Punishment for Life Imprisonment. Something they can't get away with exactly how you can't undo what's done to her.
Now, is that too much to ask in return of everything that’s taken away from a victim and her family which is basically her LIFE.

 It is widely feared among the law makers and a few
activists that death penalty could generate wrong message in the public eye as it can be misused.
However, Life Imprisonment would generate the fear among offenders that this could cost them their entire life. This fear should be instilled in the hearts and minds of everybody.

What we forget here is, any law can be misused; however that % in rape crimes is so minimal, almost negligible and while most of the times, the offenders tends to get away after committing such a crime because we are so considerate towards them. Let's have Zero Tolerance, starting right at this moment.

Rapes throughout the world and India, in particular, has
instilled so much fear in the society that people wish it’s better not to have a girl child. How tragic is that!

 ( Harsh rules and regulations observed in Dowry cases has resulted in considerable decrease of such cases, people fear demanding dowry.)