Do not strip the dead their dignity

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Asifa, a name along with a face, an innocent face of girl with bright, mischievous eyes had become a regular part of our lives for last few days. People are posting her photograph on social media like They post the random clicks of themselves enjoying a pizza or a movie. People are starting the hashtag trend 'Justice for Asifa' with her photograph.

But no one is caring that this way they are stripping that poor child, the remaining dignity left with her after her death. Under section 228-A of the Indian Penal Code, the identity of a rape victim cannot be disclosed and those who are guilty of doing so are to face punishment under the law of the state.

I have been reporting such posts to Facebook for review, but to no avail. I was advised by Facebook to either block or unfriend such people. I find this 'Ostrich syndrome' of covering my head till the storm passes out rather disappointing.

I request you all to kindly support me in my crusade to provide justice to Asifa by stopping people in their random usage of her photograph. Let us all try to understand that revealing the identity of a rape victim is not bringing her justice rather it is doing a grave injustice to her. We are opening the stink- hole where everyone and each one is judging the person already facing the trauma of an atrocity. Let us stop people from revealing the identity of rape victims and rape survivors. I believe as responsible citizens of the society we should do our part to spread sensitivity and protect humanity as much as we can.