Ban women who beg on streets with small kids in their arms or tied to their back.

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I was travelling to work this morning and I saw a woman carrying a baby in her arms and begging for alms. The sun was scorching hot and the baby asleep in her arms without feeling the heat.

I am a mother and I really felt bad for that baby. I sometimes suspect if the babies they carry are their own. Because no mother will want to see her children suffer for her selfish needs. If the babies are not theirs, then its utter cruelty being done to someone else's.

I also observed these babies are asleep almost all the time. They are mostly malnourished. It is such a sad plight.

How do they catch hold of such tiny babies? What do they do to them to ensure they are asleep always? Is there a gang which operates this?

Please join hands to stop this and raise this issue to the concerned person or commission to find out as who is behind this. I as a mother can empathize on the cruelty being done to those tiny tots.