NCCAOM -- make the acupuncture profession more ethical

Because I have seenour profession go down in value through corupt management in areas such as nofault and workmens compensation
I have seen the value of our work exploited to a bit more than minimum wage
I have seen the misuse of I surance benefits by clinics so that the private practice practitioner can not make a living because the pay is in the numbers not in the pergormance
I have seen other no aucpunturist practitioners taking liberties where holding a license or not in their use of acupuncture as a treatment adjunct
I have seen the practice of acupuncture mislabled and adopted by physical therapist
I have seem milimalist education a lot for other professions to treat within their field
I have basi ally seen a 4 year post graduate education in the medical field become totally disrespected with no representation from our National organization
I basically feel that I could have accomplished more without the education made more momey and be more respected
Not to say that I don'T RESPECT my education
But that I have seen time and time again other licensed acupuncturist preform unethical acts Iin there treatments within clinial confines while I am dicusted with some
I do find the time honored practice of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine extremely benificial and nessecary in the future of our medical model
It is a diffulcult field to regulate just do not allow it to be exploited

marcella robinson, poughkeepsie, NY, United States
6 years ago
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