NCI, Our Kids Are Worth More Than Four Percent

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In the USA alone this year, 13,500 kids will be diagnosed with cancer and 2,500 will pass away from this disease. The tax-payer funded, National Cancer Institute gives only four percent of their annual budget to childhood cancer. The other 96% goes to adults. Due to the lack of funding, children are dying every day of cancer in the USA. The National Cancer Institute controls billions of dollars, but won’t give more than four percent of those billions to children fighting cancer. Our children need to be a priority. These children are our future doctors, lawyers, teachers, and so much more. No child deserves to die from the outdated treatments. As the result of this lack of funding, there have only been four new drugs made specifically for childhood cancer in the past 30 years. Just four. So many childhood cancer cases have been using the same protocols for over 30 years and in many cases of relapse, there is no protocol. Children are funding their own research to save their life because the NCI won’t. Children are not small adults, they are biologically different and their cancers can’t be treated the same way. Childhood cancer barely gets the media attention it deserves to begin with. Childhood cancer isn't meeting your favorite celebrity or cute bald kids, childhood cancer is an awful disease, only hurt more by a broken and failed system. 300,000 kids will be diagnosed with cancer worldwide this year, the USA needs to take a stand and start a movement to save these kids. This starts with petitions and awareness. Children are dying because of the National Cancer Institution’s choice to give children 4% of their annual budget. We are calling on the National Cancer Institute to give our children more than four percent of their annual funding.