Save Western Ghats from annihilation

Save Western Ghats from annihilation

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Kakkadasam Sridhar started this petition to National board for wildlife and

The wildlife board has been very active in sanctioning projects having huge ADVERSE impact on bio diversity during the covid lock down period without having any regard to the rich biodiversity.The National Board For Wildlife has accorded sanction for more than 30 projects via video conference in the first week of April (Source: Deccan Herald- 31-05-2020).

The projects which have been approved are located deep in the Eco sensitive fragile system and cover some of the rich bio diversity hot spots in Western Ghats, full of exotic and rare flora and fauna, alike, which are already under great pressure and on the verge of disappearance.

Some of the projects, having large scale adverse impact, which have been given a nod are: (Source: Deccan Herald 31-05-2020)

  • Hubballi-Ankola Railway Project (596 ha)
  • Kaiga Atomic Power Plant expansion (54 ha forest lands)
  • Sharavati pumped storage hydro electric projects (150 ha lands- classified as endangered by IUCN) 

Over the last 3 decades, around 23.07 million trees have been cut in Karnataka out of  382.22 Million trees cut throughout India. Karnataka's share in tree cutting is 6.03% of the national average (Source- Deccan Herald article-31-05-2020).

If we do not stop this wanton destruction, then our future generation will see forests only in books and calendars, not to say that our own generation will also be affected.

Let us join hands in desisting the government authorities from taking up such projects which will have a huge impact on nature and in saving the wildlife, nature and humanity. This will lead to human and wildlife conflict and will cause untold damage to the Eco system. Further, loss of bio diversity hot spots will cause an increase in human and animal conflicts.

Here is what the government authorities fail to see:

  1. Economy cannot take priority over environment and biodiversity.
  2. Human-animal conflict is expensive for the government in monetary terms such as providing for compensations to the families affected, salaries and wages for the personnel deployed.
  3. Climate change that occurs as a result of the large scale destruction, leads to an increase in diseases and pandemics which affect primarily humans.

Native environmentalists and wildlife activists Dr. Honnemaradu Swamy and Smt. Nomito Kamdar (Narishakti awardee) have provided their complete support for the cause.

Let us all join hands and protest against this destruction and appeal to the concerned authorities to not go ahead with the approvals accorded. Let us all stand up for mother nature.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!