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National Banks: Stop giving our information to anyone who pays you! Allow us to opt out!

National Banks have been getting away with sharing all of our personal information for too long. I am not personally allowed to stop my bank(First Tennessee) from giving my social security number, home address, telephone number, etc to any "affiliated company" they want to. I could take my money out of my account and cancel the account and they are still legally allowed to share my information for as long as they want! I asked three branch managers which "affiliated companies" that would be affiliated with my bank, and no one gave me the same answer. They all delfected the question. The NSA already spies on everything we do, why do the banks need to have all of our information to help them out? What is to say these "affiliated groups" are not Booze Allen Hamilton(the company Edward Snowden worked for? AND REMEMBER HE SAID HE COULD WIRETAP THE PRESIDENT!) We need to stop the information sharing amongst the conglomorate companies without our knowledge. Let's make the banks the firt target. I know 100,000 signatures will show them we are serious! Please help me spread the message that the banks steal our personal information and sell it to the highest bidder.

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