Car Dealerships are Non-Essential During COVID-19 and should be be closed!

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Auto dealerships should be considered non-essential. During COVID-19, car dealerships should be closed for sales. There is no reason why anyone should be out buying a car and putting themself and the sales team at risk. The average dealership has 60-80 employees, there is a lot of potential for close contact between just them, then you add in the customers—you don’t know where they have been in the past 14 days. There have been 4 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Texas dealerships, but the dealerships are still open.  

The National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) is trying to fight to stay open—you can bet that all owners and high level executives are working from home and in quarantine, while they have their sales team out still selling cars. It is wrong for car companies to put large incentives on cars right now, when people need to be staying home. 
Please sign this petition to get the NADA to put a hold on car sales to keep everyone safe! No car sale is worth a life.