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Please ban Bill Hoffman of from attending NACA

Animals are not entertainment. With years of USDA infractions, is at the forefront of animal abuse and exploitation, and should not be permitted to promote his business to universities.

Letter to
National Association for Campus Activities
Executive Director Alan Davis
Please ban Bill Hoffman of from attending NACA.

USDA documents containing infractions by the animals' provider, Bill Hoffman of Animal Rentals, Inc. include (but is NOT limited to) the following:

- A lamb, unable to stand, languished for three days until the USDA required Mr. Hoffman to seek veterinary care. The lamb was euthanized the next day.
- A hedgehog's bedding and food infested with cockroaches.
- "Excessive" infestation of flies in the capuchin monkey enclosure and unsanitary environment.
- Rabbits kept in a glass aquarium that had broken glass, with the sharp edges accessible to the rabbits.
- Goats with "severely overgrown" hooves. One goat's hoof had grown so long, it curled over and ran parallel to the ground.

During Mr. Hoffman's visit to NACA this year, it was observed by the magician in the adjacent booth that the chinchilla had bitten at least four people, and that the animals appeared "terrified". This is not surprising, as the NACA conference is very loud and bustling.

Such infractions and living conditions are typical of all outfits that use animals for profit. Bill Hoffman's website,, states: "Let your audience experience the thrill of seeing giraffes, lions, tigers, and chimpanzees up close at your own event..."
Supporting businesses that exploit animals for "entertainment" is unacceptable.
Additionally, Capuchins, like other primates, can transmit diseases to humans. Hepatitis is the most feared, next to rabies. Capuchins can also be infected with more common ailments quite easily from humans since their immune system is not as strong as ours.

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