RestoreNaija: Free & Fair digital elections in Nigeria.

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Nigeria's general elections are mired with corruption and violence, people's voices are not heard/their votes are not counted and politicians are not held accountable in office.  

Poverty, poor governance and corruption are a direct result of dysfunctional elections. With free and fair digital elections, Nigerians can vote for good leaders with fresh ideas from the comfort and security of their own homes.

Good governance is particularly needed in times like this when sound policy decisions and trust in government institutions are absolutely essential for managing a collective crisis. Free and fair elections promise to hold our politicians accountable and open up the political sphere to a new breed of politicians who serve the public good.

We believe a change in electoral law and a trusted and secure blockchain digital voting platform are essential for free and fair elections in Nigeria by 2023. 

We believe a better Nigeria is possible!

Nigeria deserves to be governed by good politicians who serve the public good.

All Nigerians have the right to cast their votes securely, safely and for their votes to be counted. Today this can best be achieved through digital voting.

A trusted digital blockchain voting platform must be developed under the watchful eye of an inclusive array of stakeholders.

However a change in electoral law is needed in order to pave the way for free and fair digital elections.

I am signing this petition in support of the following:

1- I demand a change in electoral law to enable free and fair digital elections. 

2- I support the adoption of a blockchain digital voting platform after it has been tested and approved by an inclusive array of stakeholders.

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