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A Call to Force a Government of National Unity in Kenya

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Elections in Kenya have proved to be divisive with the tribal card being pulled almost all the times. This year alone we have witnessed two elections; one which was annulled following massive irregularities and illegalities by the Supreme Court of Kenya and a fresh one ordered by the latter which was boycotted by half the voting demographic in Kenya. Elections in Kenya produce disputed outcomes, hatred and animosity among Kenyans. On the one hand are some communities who feel that it's their divine and prophetic call to rule this country while on the other are huge numbers who feel ostracized,  removed and unfairly locked out of government. This is never mind the fact any government's mandate us a reflection of their consent as well as the fact that it is a social contract of all not some. Kenya has reportedly lost 700billion shillings as a result of protracted electioneering mood and most importantly numerous lives (all from a particular community). This cannot be business as usual. In a country where inclusion presupposes presence in a government we should re-navigate the murky political waters. We have to change our mode of operation. Every single Kenyan needs to feel presented in a national government. Realising our diversity as a nation and peculiarities that pertain to such then a government of national unity is not an option but in fact the only solution. This petition aims at compelling the National Assembly to amend the constitution and modify it in order that all communities are represented in every resultant national election. It should figure out a way and place where the person who comes in second will be strategically situated in a position of influence in such a government, preferably as a PM. Thirdly, that amendments to be done in the composition of the cabinet in order that not more than one Secretary should hail from the same tribe. Fourth, that appointments to various other slots should be an image of the multiethnic culture that is Kenya. Finally, that this petition be treated as a matter of utmost national urgency.

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