Allow graduates of schools of nursing obtain their degree in two years(update program)

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The fact that Nigeria is a giant when it comes to nursing is very obvious, the fact that Nursing is one of the major pillars in the Nigerian health system is undeniable. But the fact that nursing education has been made tough enough to discourage progression in education has been avoided by people  who should fight for good of the profession.  Other countries (many of who we claim to be better and bigger than)  allow the update course to run for 12months, 18months or 24months for both local and international students to enable them upgrade from Registered Nurse (RN) certificate to a Barchelor of Nursing science(BnSc), in Nigeria it takes another 4 to 5 years to obtain a bnsc after 3 years of rigorous education in nursing schools, and 4 and a half years for those that have already obtained a specialty training. This means that if you don't get admission in Nigerian Universities to study nursing(5yrs),it will take you between 7 to 9 years to get a degree. We copy a lot of things from other countries but always ignore the good that will favour the masses, Ghana and many other African countries use this system to encourage Nurses to climb higher, philipine and many almost all non African countries adopt the update system so what is wrong with the so called giant adopting same system?  Oooops!  I guess the country is happy with the mass exodus of nurses fleeing the country for education and jobs,  we will not understand the need to support our nursing system and sector until its too late. Please support this petition to promote the quality of nurses and quality of health in Nigeria, it is said that Nurses are the heart of the health industry. Save a dying heart and you will save a life.