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Change Network Bans To Local Bans

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Dystopia Rising is built on the foundation that we are a community with a game and not just a game with a community. In this, people are expected to present themselves inappropriate ways and provide a safe environment for those around them. When people step outside of appropriate behavior local directors have the power to gice disciplinary actions, namely a suspension or ban. While this is a good idea on paper, currently this provides each independent director, who is also an independent business owner, the power to deny service not just for their business but for every business within the network. With this business mindset in mind, the players are also the customers and are currently without a voice in regard to those disciplinary actions. A player may be suspended, or banned completely, from the network unjustly, and in that action are depriving the other chapters, or businesses, that customer.

We as customers want an opportunity to continue giving our business to the businesses as we see fit. We as players want an opportunity to continue to add to a world that we have invested in regardless of any personal animosities or unjust reasonings by any set of directors.

We are looking to see a change in the way these disciplinary actions are handled. We want to see a step between a suspension and a network wide ban. In signing this we agree and press upon the directors and national team to consider making bans local, as a form of a business refusing service to a customer, and outlining clear definitions to what would merit a network wide ban.

In addition to this, we would like for those who have received bans in the past to have the opportunity to appeal for their disciplinary action to be changed into a localized ban, not a network wide ban.

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