Build tiny homes and villages for the homeless and people with a low income.

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Having homeless people in a country can make it look poor and dirty. With a fund from The NPAH tiny homes could be built for people with a low income or people who are homeless. Basically each and every resident of the tiny homes rent to own. So if they are homeless when they move in volunteers would help them get jobs. There monthly rent would cost no more than 1/3 of the monthly income. Year after year they sign a new contract to keep renting the home. After three years they will sign a contract to a four year lease where they pay the rent annually. After a full 7 years of successfully paying the rent, the residents will have full legal ownership of the home and land. Basically the rent they have payed will have bought them the house. This whole project would bring people off the streets and into homes making the country as clean as could be.