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A moment of your time could end Shane Watson's 23 yr. wait for Justice! Can you help?

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For the past 23 years of his life, Shane Watson has been serving a prison sentence for a crime he did not commit. Over the last 12 years, Will Duchon and "The Opus Thirty Mission" ("the Mission") have struggled to get Shane justice, while his wife and children wait for the day their husband and father will come home. Through extensive investigation, the Mission, their legal council and a professional investigator, have discovered a great many discrepancies in Shane’s case and there is more than a reasonable doubt in this case.  Mr. Watson did not committ the crime for which he has been imprisoned.

In Investigator Doug Walters' summary report ( he determined that there was limited to no investigative process, no physical evidence obtained, and that the witness investigation was weak and improperly handled and in one case legally recanted by affidavit. In fact, Investigator Walters is so committed to his belief in Shane’s innocence and his moral obligation to correct the injustice done to Mr. Watson that he has done all of his work over the years pro bono.

Based on the information in Investigator Walters report, it seems very clear that there is not only reasonable doubt that Mr. Watson committed this crime and should never have been convicted but there is also an enormity of overwhelming doubt that he should have ever been arrested for this crime in the first place. Over the last 12 years, even in the light of this evidence and a clear presentation of reasonable doubt, the Mission's legal team and supporters have been thwarted at every turn, being denied even so much as a new trial.

The options for appeal continue to diminish and the financial toll it has taken on his family and supporters to get someone in the system to recognize his innocence has been devastating. Now his case is before U.S. Magistrate Judge Gabriel Gorenstein. The Mission is seeking to get the authorities to vacate Mr. Watson's 1993 conviction, or at the very least grant Shane a new trial in the face of new evidence. Based upon review of the facts of the case as well as the newly discovered evidence it is clear that to prolong Mr. Watson's imprisonment would be not be just.

Through all of this Shane has remained a man of reason and faith who continues to hold onto to the hope that, in a fair legal system, he will be exonerated and allowed to return to his wife, his children, his church and his community and finally take his place in society which has been denied him for the past 2 decades. Please take one moment of your time to sign this petition and send it to as many people, agencies and news outlets as you can to ensure that this last remaining effort to end Shane's 23 year wait for justice is successful.

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