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We support NMC bill 2017 bridge course for AYUSH

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Tamil Nadu state AYUSH graduates,

The honourable chairman,
Committee members,
Parliment standing committee ,

The honourable AYUSH minister,

The honourable prime minister,


Subject: Supporting proposed NCM bill 2017

Respected committee members,

We are institutionally qualified AYUSH Graduate Doctors ( BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, BSMS, BNYS) from Tamilnadu state,

We whole heartedly appreciating and welcoming the move of our union government towards the integration of AYUSH practitioners in to the fold of modern medicine to help, meet its goal of unique health coverage.

�� While the doctor population ratio according the world health organisation (WHO) norms should be 1:1000 , but it is 1:1674 in India. It is indicating that there is an overall shortage of Doctors in the country ,which is more pronounce in rural areas.
This discrimination is due to the refusal of MBBS Doctors to practice in rural areas.
Also WHO report says only 18.8% of allopathy Doctors are qualified in rural areas. And WHO ringing the alarm on India's health care 57% allopathy medicine prescribers did not have proper medical qualification.
So this paves the way of illegal practice of medical quacks.
The quackery eradication in the one of the toughest goal and the quacks producing miserable concequences to the public.

�� In the current scenario,
AYUSH graduates does not play a key role in treating people in our nation . And almost 80% AYUSH graduates are unemployed. They suffer to meet their day today needs too. This is due to the previous councils failure to give the proper platform , opportunities, awareness about Indian system of medicine and homoeopathy medicine.
And moreover public are also expecting the pluralistic​ modes of treatment that is AYUSH with allopathy.
Totally approximately 7.7 lakhs AYUSH doctor are registered nation wide. And every year the numper is increasingly rapidly.
But there no employment is created for our doctors.
And the meanwhile, while treating the patient with our system of medicine,
We face practical difficulties while managing emergency conditions like bleeding, dehydration,febrile fits, myocardial infarction and etc. In that cases, we are in need to seek the allopathy treatment for the life saving purpose of patients in rural areas. Bringing to your knowledge, already we have the rights to practice allopathic medicine with our own system of medicine according to central council and state council act. And also some states are officially brought the AYUSH graduates to allopathic practice.
So plz ensure while reforming the act, that will not interfere the old central council act and does not bring back our privileges.

�� We strongly trust the newly proposed NCM bill 2017 will tackling above situation and produce the permenant solutions. Positively.

Introducing AYUSH graduates into the modern field and allow them to practice modern medicine especially in rural areas is the good idea.
Becoz the AYUSH graduates are studying
1. Anatomy &histology & embrilogy,
2. Physiology with bio chemistry,
3. Pathology with microbiology and bacteriology and virology
4. Forensic medicine and toxicology
5. Surgery including ENT ,Dental, Opthalmology,
6.Obstetrics and Gyanacology with infant care,
7. Practice of medicine and community medicine
thoroughly for 4 1/2 years.

And we did one year rotatory internship in various departments of reputed hospitals also

So we humply and strongly assuring u to

1.The shortage of MBBS Doctors in rural due to, those who are refuce to practice in rural area will be 100% rectified by us.
The rural people will get quality healthcare in primary level itself. will definitely eradicate the unqualified medical quacks and medical malpractice in rural area.

3.The diseases will be diagnosed in early stage and get a early proper management. And prevention of disease is achieved in primary level health system. will bring out the vast employment in AYUSH graduates.

And many more reasons ,
We the AYUSH graduates from tamilnadu state
are continuously conducting rally's for supporting​ NMC bill 2017 and protesting against IMA with the support of public's .
For your kind attention we enclosed the images.
Once again we are saying whole heartedly welcoming NMC bill 2017
And request you to pass the bill and implement that as soon as possible for the development of our nation.


Thanking you sir..

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