Make Jax City Buses Free

Make Jax City Buses Free

March 2, 2020
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CEO Nathaniel P. Ford
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Why this petition matters

Started by Makayla Thomas

The Problem: Currently, transportation is $1.75 for a very limited and long ride.

Why the Current Situation is Unacceptable (at least 3 bullet points):

  •  minimum wage is $8.46/hr.
  • Not having a car is almost impossible
  • public transportation is very limited. Most people have to take 2 buses a day to get CLOSE to where you need to go.
  • Public transportation can be and is very expensive for families who need it. 

Undecided Audience (2-3 sentences; statistics, research, other schools/cities/countries, etc.): What many people may not know about this topic is that the Jacksonville City bus has a very limited schedule and that most people have to catch multiple forms of transportation to make up for it.

Counterclaim: Some people might oppose this change because “the city of Jacksonville cannot afford it”

Your Counter to their Counterclaim (2-3 sentences): However, only 9% of the cost for buses are ran on bus fair. Cities can apply for government grants to get rid of the fee is cost to ride the bus. 

 Impact (2-3 sentences): With your help, this change will:

  • Help people save money on transportation in which they could use the money for things that are more dire. 
  • Help people travel to and from home safely.

Power Holders(principal, mayor, Congress, etc.): The people/person who has the power to change this is the CEO of JTA, Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. 

Dear Mr Ford,


I’m writing to you to request that you make Jacksonville bus transportation free because we know that it can help a lot of people especially people who can’t afford a bus ride. Transportation is a lot of help to a lot of people who don’t get paid a lot but just the minimum wage. Not everybody can afford it causing them to be late to their jobs / place they need to get to especially if they don’t count with a vehicle. Not all people could ride a transportation bus just because they may count with money. There is a lot of people that need getting to a place due to money problems. We as human beings have bills to pay leaving us with nothing at the end of the day due to the jobs we work at. Also, people would more likely ride the bus helping us get rid of cars polluting our atmosphere. We would be appreciated if you helped us with our petition.


Sincerely Olivia Gaytan ,Makayla Thomas, Breon Jackson, Christian Rodriguez

Call to Action (what do you want the person reading this to do?): sign the petition, email Mr. Ford and help us take this to the city council.

1984 Related Themes: The 1984 theme(s) it connects to is inequality. Examples in 1984 reflecting this theme are (at least 3)

  • Keeping Items in low supply so that people have to try hard for them.
  • Making it harder for low income people.
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Signatures: 6Next Goal: 10
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Nathaniel P. FordCEO