A traffic light at CR 234 & US 441 intersection

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On May 13, 2018, I was in involved in a motorcycle accident involving a car. I was the passenger on the motorcycle. My fiancé was driving. We were traveling south on US 441. A car ran the stop sign coming off of CR 234 trying to cross US 441 to go North. We tboned the car between the front and back door on the driver side. My fiancé was killed on impact. I survived. The other driver who was faulted had no insurance, wrong tag, several prior driving infractions, yet still carried a CDL. There have been a few more accidents in the same exact intersection within these past few weeks. Prior to my own accident there had previously been accidents there as well. This intersection is dangerous and deadly. FDOT says that a traffic light could cause more rear ends. They want to put intermittent lights. Intermittent lights aren’t going to keep traffic coming off of CR 234 from the interstate onto 441 from running their stop sign which ALREADY has a red blinking light on top of it. The intermittent lights will let SB & NB traffic know there’s a car at the stop sign. That doesn’t do much good when the stop sign is being ran. Had there been an actual traffic light there, it is highly unlikely my accident would of ever occurred. They say cars are speeding up and down US 441 which is true, but we were going the speed limit & I even saw the guy run the stop sign, but it was too late. I have to live with this for the rest of my life. The county knew this intersection was dangerous from the previous accidents and they know it is still dangerous from the continuous ongoing accidents. I’m asking for the communities support in signing this petition if you would be in favor of an actual traffic light, a Red light. One that turns green, yellow, & red. I think it is the only way to stop cars from running the stop sign. I know this won’t bring anyone back, but it can prevent someone else losing a loved one. Please help us! Thank you.