Stop the Removal of Our Confederate Historical Markers

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A recent news article (June 25, 2015) stated that the former Mayor of Macon Georgia, Jack Ellis, wants to remove various public Confederacy historical markers in downtown Macon, Georgia. He states that these markers should be moved from public property. This is absurd and should not be allowed. These markers are a part of our history as a state and as a part of the United States of America history that we all share. There are many things in our history that offend me but that does not give me or anyone else the right or the power to remove or change them. You can not change or delete history to soothe your own insecurities. This will only bring more turmoil and strife to those who love our country and accept the good and bad of our red, white and blue nation. As taxpayers, we do NOT want these markers removed to satisfy a few less patriotic groups. (photo is property of the website)

All children are deserving of knowing their history, not just a select group. These markers should be allowed to stay as they are, on public property and should remain for future generations to see. The statue in picture was raised in 1879. Who is Jack Ellis to think he has this type of authority?


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