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Save the Pratt Pullman

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Saving Places That Matter started this petition to Governor Nathan Deal and

The Georgia Building Authority intends to sell to the highest bidder, the National Register of Historic Places listed Pratt Pullman Historic Site, located in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta. There are currently no protections for the historic buildings and features, the last intact historic industrial site left in Atlanta.

However, according to the Georgia Environmental Policy Act of 1991 (GEPA), "State agencies should conduct their affairs with an awareness that they are stewards of...historical and cultural resources..." and "the government agency shall determine if a proposed governmental action ...may significantly adversely affect the quality of the environment"

'Proposed governmental action' includes "any proposed sale or exchange of more than five acres of state owned land..."

Paraphrased, the GBA's responsibility in the sale of the Pratt Pullman Historic Site is to prepare an environmental effects report to determine if the sale might negatively impact the site and if so, what alternatives would avoid that negative impact.

Further, O.C.G.A. § 12-3-55(b) states "The heads of all state agencies shall assume responsibility for the preservation of historic properties which are owned by such agency."

We the undersigned hold that the Geogia Building Authority is required by Georgia law to consider the effects of their sale of the Pratt Pullman on the historic site and further, that it is the GBA's responsibility to pursue an option that places a priority on the preservation of the historic buildings and features of the site. We believe that this would be best achived through the inclusion of deed restrictions, preservation easements, or covenants in the legal sale of the property.

Additional Information:

The Pratt Engineering/Pullman Company property is a historic industrial complex located in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta. Construction of the first buildings began in 1904, followed by a second building campaign when the Pullman Company bought the property in 1926. The site is currently owned by the state of Georgia and has been abandoned since 1996. ​

The City of Atlanta, City Representatives, Commissioners, the NPU-O, and the Kirkwood Neighbors Organization have all stated and reiterated their support of the preservation of this important site. The KNO produced development guidelines for the site, which include the preservation of the historic buildings and features, and which was incorporated in to the City's master plan.

In 2007 the State included preservation deed restrictions on the property in their first attempt to sell the property. Which begs the question; what has changed and why does the state no longer feel they have to preserve the nationally significant historic site?

Here is a link to the GEPA legislation:

Current Invitation to Bid:

Historic Background:

You may also call, write, and email

Director of GBA,
Assisstant Director of GBA,
Director of Communications for GBA
Govenor's Office -

and restate the above complaint.

Also contact City Council Member Natalyn Archibong and City Planning Commissioner Tim Keane to support their efforts on preserving this site

In the News:

This petition has been prepared through a combined effort of Georgia citizens, residents of the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, and Historic Preservation advocates.

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This petition had 2,024 supporters